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Drink Carrier Tray

Drink Carrier Tray Suppliers

Drink carrier trays are disposable containers that hold drinks securely in place, making it easier to carry drinks without spilling. Disposable drink trays are usually made of paper materials, such as cardboard or corrugated cardboard. These materials are lightweight, eco-friendly, and easily recyclable. These trays are commonly used in coffee shops, fast food restaurants, and other establishments to serve drinks to customers. Disposable beverage trays, which are usually equipped with compartments, include single hole trays, Disposable Paper Cup Holder Trays 2 or 4 Cups, 4 cup kraft paper cup tray, 6-cup trays, and other beverage trays, which can be customized according to needs. The disposable beverage tray materials are generated in our factory, such as 4 compartments sugarcane pulp coffee cup carriersPaper Pulp Takeaway Carrier Traydisposable multi kraft paper coffee capsule cup holder,Two Cups Four Cups Kraft Paper Cup Holder Take Away Coffee, and more, Come and consult us to get the best price!
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