6 oz snow cone cups for Ice Cream

Item No.: HDP141
6 oz Snow Cone Cups for Ice Cream, Custom Color 6oz Paper Cups, Wax Coated Leakproof Cone Paper Cups, Disposable, Eco-Friendly, Customized Size and Logo, Contact Us to Learn.
  • OEM|ODM:Accepted
  • Printing Design:Customized
  • Packing:5000pcs/carton
  • MOQ:50000pcs
  • Feature:Disposable, Eco-friendly, Biodegradable
  • Style:Single Wall
  • Application:Airport/Snow Cone Shop/Supermakert/Hospital/School/Etc
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    The 6 oz Snow Cone Cups for Ice Cream possess a delightful array of features that greatly enhance one's ice cream indulgence. These exquisite cups are crafted from BPA-free and food-grade material, ensuring both their safety and the preservation of one's delectable frozen confections. Meticulously designed with a shape of utmost convenience, they afford a seamless and effortless grip, allowing for the utmost enjoyment of each delectable scoop. Moreover, their generous rims not only provide a comfortable embrace for one's fingers but also serve as a safeguard against any unfortunate spills, rendering them the epitome of perfection for both the young and the mature alike.

    To ensure the freshness and longevity of your Wax Coated Leakproof Cone Paper Cups, it is imperative to store them in a cool and dry abode. Heat and humidity, those vile adversaries of preservation, can wreak havoc upon these delicate vessels, leading to their distortion and potential ruination. Consider bestowing upon them the privilege of residing within a pantry, cupboard, or any other secluded sanctuary that shields them from the harsh rays of the sun and the moisture that lurks in the air. Furthermore, guard them against the perils of strong odors or chemicals that may seek to tarnish their pristine essence. For these Custom Color 6oz Paper Cups possess a remarkable ability to absorb the essence of their surroundings, and any unwelcome aroma or taste shall surely be imparted unto the innocent ice cream that they cradle with such devotion.

    Product Description

    .Material & Style: Paper Cup Paper/Kraft Paper & Single Wall

    .Usage: Ice Cream
    .Shape: Cone

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