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Valid Paths for Selecting Disposable Lids

Author : Alexandra Bergy
Update time : 2023-07-21 17:45:01
Valid Paths for Selecting Disposable Lids

               Having the right Lid can make all the difference when your customers are enjoying your refreshing juice or other delicious takeaway treats. When you choose suitable disposable Lids, there are different ways of thinking. In fact, you can focus on two aspects of material and design to find the best Lid for your product.

            Various material options
            Plastic Lids
 transparent nature not only shows the simple visual image of your brand but also showcases tempting food and drink, promoting customers to use their imagination to taste what's inside. At present, the types of Plastic Lid material can be divided into PE(polyethylene), PP(polypropylene), PS(polystyrene), PET(polyethylene terephthalate), PLA(polylactic acid), CPLA (crystallized PLA), and more common types are PE, PLA, and CPLA. If you need to provide your customers with degradable products, you can choose PLA and CPLA.
Paper Lids have the characteristics of good hand feeling and no sharp edges. Common Paper Lids are made of cup paper and kraft cardboard, and their coating includes PE coating, PLA coating, and water coating. PLA-coated and water-coated  Paper Lids can achieve 100% degradation. Paper Lids can be produced quickly by printing. When you pursue order quantity and delivery speed, Paper Lids can meet your needs.
           Sugarcane Lids are made by beating bagasse and other plant fibers. Sugarcane Lids not only biodegrade within 30-90 days but also provide natural ingredients to the environment. They are suitable for both cold and hot food. Choosing Sugarcane Lids can show your brand's support for the environment.
        A balance of safety and aesthetics
include domed or flat lid options and different sizes to ensure the Lid fits securely with your food containers, reducing the risk of drink and food spills or leaks, and allowing your customers to enjoy the food without worrying about messy accidents. Choosing a design with a sipping hole or a straw hole makes it convenient for your customers to enjoy drinks according to their personal preferences, enhancing the user's product experience.
Choosing a customized service to add a brand logo or interesting design to your Lid, can add a personalized style to your beverage, remind your customers to stop and enjoy a moment on busy days, which creates a unique experience for your customers, and makes your products more memorable.

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